Andrew Chang

Andrew Chang is an educator, author, and painter who has lived in Germany, Canada and here in New York for more than 3 decades since he left South Korea in 1979.  He is the Director of Programs for International Students at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as well as on faculty in the Fine Arts Department teaching Watercolor Painting and Drawing. His success as an illustrator started with assignments from clients such as The New York Times Book Review, ADweek, Business week, and Playboy Magazine.
He has had seven one-man shows and numerous group shows in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Korea. Many of his paintings have been discovered by collectors and are now held privately. He is also the founder of American Creative Trends, Inc., where he develops creative educational programs for both young children and college level students.
Professor Chang is the author of a biographical essay book, "The Man Who Picked A Big Apple", as well as textbooks, "The World of Illustration", and co-authored with Professor Julie Lieberman on "A Survey of Illustration". His most recent publication is a textbook for art teachers titled "Art Classes in Growing the Imagination", and “Andrew Chang’s step-by-step Watercolor workbook.

앤드류 장은 뉴욕에서 교육자, 화가, 그리고 저술가로 활동하고 있다. 캐나다의 Alberta College of Art & Design(ACAD) 에서 시각디자인을 전공하고, 뉴욕의 School of Visual Arts (SVA) 대학원에서 저널리즘 일러스트레이션을 전공하였다.
영혼을 그리는 작가라는 평을 받으며 “뉴욕타임스 북 리뷰”, “애드위크” 등에 일러스트레이션을 고정 기고하면서 일러스트레이터로 활동하였으며 일곱번의 개인전과 수십회의 그룹전을 가졌다.
현재 뉴욕 스쿨 오브 비쥬얼 아트(SVA) 대학에서 국제학문 교류 프로그램 처장으로 있으며, 순수미술학과에서 수채화와 드로잉을 가르치고 있다. 또한 창의 미술교육 연구소 American Creative Trends, Inc., 의 CEO 로 있다.
저서로는 “The World of Illustration”, “A Survey of Illustration”, 자전적 수필집, “빅애플을 딴 남자”, “상상력이 자라는 미술교실”, “앤드류 장의 동물 그리기 앱 프로그램” 그리고 “앤드류장의 step-by step Watercolor Workbook” 등이 있다.

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